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PP Strap

PP Strap (Polypropylene) strap is also called as strapping tape where it is used mainly for strapping or bundling of the products/items, sealing and strengthening of boxes or pallets. It’s a most commonly used plastic strapping suitable for heat sealing, heat weld, metal sealing, and friction welding. PP straps are available in different sizes and colors, the most standard size is black and it is available in other colors like yellow, blue and white. Printed customized PP straps are also available with the client’s company logo and details.

PP strap is designed to meet the requirements like tensile strength, tension loss, and elasticity. It is in the longitudinal direction where it is easy to tear and its stays on floating water. It’s a quick and trouble-free strapping on all range of brands of machines from manual to complete automatic.

PP straps are used in various industries like steel, glass, ceramic, paper, wood, furniture, automobile, stone, construction and many others for tying bundles of wood, for packaging of furniture, for packaging of stone cubes, to protect the loads during transit. The Polypropylene straps are very strong and strength, it does don’t lose the resistance and durability. It allows the package to stay secure and stable without any defect or damage.

Features of Polypropylene (PP) Strap:
  • 5mm to 19mm strap width
  • 0.35 to 0.90mm strap thickness
  • Made from high quality polymer
  • Suitable for manual and machine strapping products
  • Different core sizes 60, 150,200, 280, 400, etc
  • Surface treatment both sides embossing/plain
  • Multi colors available as per client requirement
  • Uniform surface with most economical plastic strapping
  • Constant quality control along machine tests
Advantages of using Polypropylene (PP) Strap:
  • Most reliable, durable and cost-effective
  • Ideal for a high volume of work
  • Suitable for manual, semi-automatic and full automatic applications
  • Suitable for light and medium duty applications
  • High breaking tension
  • Seals with heat, metal, and friction
  • Plastic strapping bands are low weight
  • PP straps are not corrode
  • They are resistance against moisture
  • Unobjectionable for environment
  • PP straps are recyclable
  • Having a wide range of uses
  • Extend up to 5-10% to withstand stress

PP Straps In Different Applications:

Building materials: Timber, Roofing Titles, etc

Wood: Plywood, Chip Boards, etc

Palletization: Cartons, Bottles, Film Rolls, etc

Metal packaging: Roods, Steel Coils, Aluminum Coils, etc

Baling: Cotton, Jute, Rubber, etc

We provide high-grade PP straps in different widths, thickness, and colors with color printing with marked messages and logos. For more information or queries call us or leave a message, we loved to help you anytime.

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