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Stretch Film

Stretch Film is made from good quality polyethylene plastic material used to protect from dust, dirt, and moisture. It is wrapped around the goods to provide stability and it is stretched almost 200-300% either by hand or by machine. They are used in pallet wrapping and storage designed to keep the items clean, fresh and moisture free.

Stretch Film is used mostly in delivering and transporting of products they use and store. Stretch film is also called as a stretch wrap as it is wrapped around the products/items. There are different types of stretch films/wraps available with us to meet the specific requirements of our customers includes type, size, performance, and budget.

Types of Stretch Films Available:

Hand Stretch Film
Machine Stretch Film
Important Features of Stretch Film:
  • It gives a tight and secure load for shipping
  • It provides water resistance cover
  • It improves the stability of the load
  • It delivers superior product/item protection
  • Stretch films are cost effective
  • Stretch films are efficient with high strength
  • It protects products/items against dust, dirt, and moisture
  • It protects the items from UV rays
  • It reduces the instances of Pilferage
  • It ensures the longer shelf life of the product
  • Easy to use and strong
Here are the Few Lists of Products that are wrapped in Stretch Films:
  • Palletized boxes
  • Wire reels
  • Canned beverages
  • Furniture
  • Rocks and bricks
  • Medical products
  • Plants and small trees
  • Picture frames and glasses
  • Electronics
  • Wood bundles
  • Feed and seed
  • Palletized and unpalletized tiers
  • Carpet rolls

This is only a small list where stretch films are used for; there are many more products that fall into this category that are used in our daily life commonly wrapped with stretch film.

Our high-quality stretch film comes in wide ranges to suit manual applications on various products. We design to tailor the needs of our clients by offering high utility stretch wrap. Before making a decision it is recommended to precise the stretch film size, strength and thickness.

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