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Angle Board Machine

The Angle board protector’s machinery is made the heavy duty to high strength paper Angle board/Edge board protectors. The Edge board machine is very easy to use and it is strong enough to control of processing wastage. The machine has a facility to an interchange of profile designs and having variable speed drives for faster setting.

The Angle board making plant contains the following machinery like
  • Slitting machine
  • Gluing system
  • Reel holding stand
  • Pre-forming machine
  • Fine cutting and wrap around machines
  • Automatic cutting machine, cut to different lengths, sizes, and thicknesses

Slitting Machine:

The machine is used to slitt the paper according to the required width. The paper roll is loaded and then slitted as per the required specifications, having an adjustable arrangement. After slitting the Slitted reels will be rewound in two rewinding streams.

Glue Cascade System:

The system is used to transfer the Glue from Glue-tank to paper layers. The system is having paper tension arrangement, Glue scrapper system, and supply system. The Glue is pumped into paper layers through a Gear Pump.

Paper Tension Arrangement: It is adjusted as per customer requirement

Glue Scrapper System: Excess amount of Glue can be scrapped

Reel Holding Stand:

The stand is used to hold and feed the paper into Glue cascade system, having bottom rollers to adjust any position during operation.

Pre-forming Machine:

Though this machine system, the required width and thickness are obtained as the paper layers are nourished into rotating rubber roller. The outer layer of the system is having low GSM and low glue value.

Fine Cutting and Wrap around Machines:

The system is used to re-cut the edge protectors to the specified length of small pieces and into angle cutting. The edge protectors can be folded into the round shape as per the customer’s specifications.

Automatic Cutting Machine:

Angle board automatic cutting machine is integrated with internal programming feature which is used to cut automatically into different lengths of small pieces and then to angle cutting. The edge protector can be folded into a round shape as per the customer requirements.

Advantages of Angle Board/Edge Board Machine:

  • Automatic paper holder
  • A high cutting accuracy rate
  • Self-control of glue pump
  • High-speed sets of pressing roller
  • Automatic staking of corner board
  • A fine treatment of all system parts
  • Promising safety operations

Angle board protectors are environment-friendly and they easily recycled. The products are very simple and they solve a wide range of packaging problems. To create custom packaging solutions for customers the products are combined with other materials. It provides maximum protection as your need offering versatility and adaptability. As Angle board made by laminated recycled paperboard, it provides edge protection, uniform weight distribution, and load containment.

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