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Paper Core Making Machine

Our automatic high-performance paper core machine line is designed for competent manufacturing of paper cones of required sizes as per the industries. We are having different types of paper core machines like paper core making machine, paper core cutting machine, paper tube making machine. We are proud to supply cores to different markets which include textile, plastic, paper, etc.

Our paper core machine produces highly durable and reliable paper tubes available in various lengths, thickness, and diameters. The fully automatic paper core machine is easy to operate and maintain and offer great sturdiness cores.

Features of Paper Core Making Machine:
  • Gives higher output with good speed
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Saves more power consumption
  • Length adjustable
  • Fine technology with stable working
  • Self-drying
  • User-friendly design
  • Generates extra strong tubes
  • Built-in control panel
  • Interchangeable mandrels
  • An electronic proportional control system
  • Suitable for DTY tubes production
Advantages of Paper Core Making Machine:
  • High-speed equipment
  • Easy and versatile operation advantages
  • Less length tolerance
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise with tight winding
  • Easy handling system
  • Possibility to add color-printing unit

Paper core making machinery is for making various sizes of paper cores includes jumro roll paper core, BOPP film core and more. The core thickness is all about 3mm to24mm, core length is 50mm to 500mm, and diameter is about 30mm-300mm max.

Paper Core Making Machine contains 4 separate units, they areā€¦
  • Paper reel stand
  • Paper gluing unit
  • Paper tube winding unit
  • Multi-blade length cutting unit

Paper Reel Stand:

It sliced paper reels top, middle, and bottom transfer rollers and ply from 5 to 30 pcs.

Paper Gluing Unit:

The Gluing unit individually glues each paper ply; it plies from 5 to 30pcs. The paper gluing pump is a pneumatic system (where it is operated under pressure).

Spiral Paper Tube Winding Unit:

The winding unit produces continuous tube from the glued paper ply, the main drive of the system consists of a radial piston pump which having energy-saving pressure flow control. The handle wheel and worm gear control the pitch angle adjustments. The production speed is about 30m/min, inner diameter is about 20mm to 150mm, and thickness is 2-20mm.

Multi-Blade Length Cutting Unit:

The machine simply changes the parent tube length by using servo drive motor. The multi-blade length cutting unit is having single, double, and multi-blade cutting system where it can use as per requirement. The cutting unit is smoother and it runs at all speeds.

We are excellent in the production of Paper processing machinery over the years and we are committed to producing high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental-friendly products and service in Paper Making Machine Industry.

We are obligated to provide you the best Paper Core Making Machinery. For more information about our types of machinery please be free to call us or contact us through email.