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Paper Cores Product

Paper cores are used for various industrial applications mainly for packaging and covering. They are strong cores/tubes which are used in paper products, electrical, fabric and in many more to wind products for storage and distribution.

Paper cores can be combined with a variety of adhesives and laminates which provide the core properties like strength, water resistance, and heat resistance. Many industries use paper cores for holding and storing materials and some use cores in slitting and die-cutting applications.

The paper cores are manufactured to provide a stable structure and can be used again and again as a substitute for plastic, metal, and wood. The stable structure helps you in attaining better output and reduces the time.

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Paper Cores. Our Paper cores are appreciated for their designs and quality and they are used in various industrial applications such as newsprint, labels, etc. Packaging cores for polyester films, metalized foil, wind BOPP tapes and more.

We also manufacture custom cores according to the customer requirements and fulfill their needs with our designs and quality materials. For more details about Paper Cores Orders call us or leave a message. We will assist you anytime!