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Edge Protector Outer Diameter (OD) Protectors:

The edge board outer diameter (OD) protector protects the edges of a circular reel, metal coils, rolls of fine paper from outer diameter edge damages. The leg is punched in “V” shape to enable the corner board to take the circular shape of a metal coil, steel coil, or a paper roll. It is the best option for product protection and transit. Outer diameter protectors are lightweight and easy to use where no carton collapses during shipping and transport.

Edge Board Inner Diameter (ID) Protectors:

The edge board inner diameter (ID) protector protects the inner edge of the circular reel, steel coils, metal coils from getting damaged when handling by forklift. They are cut into different shapes to protect the inner diameter of the coils and best option for warehouse, goods protection and transit.

Paper Edge Protectors:

Edge protectors are basically made from recycled craft paperboard layers and are better used for product protection, warehouse. They are ideal for protection of corners crushing, edges of circular goods, superior load stability, and product damage. We provide small lengths of edge protectors which can apply under steel or plastic strap so the strap can’t cut into the product. We provide a wide range of paper edge protectors in different shapes and sizes which are efficient and environment-friendly ones at reasonable prices.

Edge Board Trays and Pallets:

Edge board trays and pallets are stapled to form a tray to hold the heavy products like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and more from potential damage during the handling and shipping process. Corner board pallets protect the edges of palletized goods from sturdy and possible damage from shipping. They are an ideal substitute for wooden pallets and they are available in different lengths, widths, and depths.