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Angle Board

Paper angle board is much more useful for transport services when they want to shift from one location to another location they use cartons to deliver the products. Most of the transport company’s tie-ups with other transport companies to deliver the products at this case most the products in the cartons will be damaged. So the loss has to be bearable by the manufactures, to overcome this, our company providing Angle Edge Board to protect from damage of the products during transportation. The Angle Edge Board/ Paper Corner Board provide overall corner and edge protection for the products which suffer the most.

We provide compact Angle Edge Boards which protect vulnerable edges from hard impacts and product damage which helps in reducing the shipping cost. Paper boards are basically made from laminated carton board formed into “L” and flat shape. Our company provides a variety of products which includes “Paper Edge Protector”, “Paper Flat Board”, “Paper Edge Board”, “Paper Corner Protector”, “Cardboard Corner Protector”, “Flat Paperboard”, ”Paper Angle Protector” and more.

In Desired Lengths:

Angle Boards can be manufactured in various lengths to protect the corners of the goods on pallets.

Leg Length ranges from 25mm to 100mm

Thickness ranges from 2mm to 10mm

Un-equal leg lengths 50x75mm 50x100mm and more…

Printed Angle Board:

We provide printed angle boards to the customers with company logo, name, and products as per the requirements. Different leg lengths are available with artwork. We deliver defect-free items to customers and always gain customer loyalty.

Poly Coated Angle Board:

We provide moisture resistance angle boards to customers by making the outer layer of the corner board from polythene laminated paper. This will help the carton resist getting wet.

We always provide first class products to our world-class customers to gain loyalty and trust. Our products are known for superior, ideal for protection and temperature resistance. For more details call us!